A step into curated and rich deep dives, inner archetypal work, shadow work, shamanic and ceremonial work, energetic alignment practices, methods in manifestation, ritual and practical magic.


Dive deep into a journey of the imagination, through guided ceremony and ritual practice, we will access the archetypes hidden in the shadows of your psyche. We will invite them into relationship, into ritual and into expression and somatic practices that integrate them as allies into our lives.


I AM. Those words are extremely powerful.

When those two words are misplaced or unattached to the intention for your highest good, it can wreck havoc on your internal dialogue and diminish your ability to navigate your way through life.

ALIGNED WITH PURPOSE will support you in reclaiming those words and aligning them with your souls truest purpose. Your PURPOSE is NOT your vocation, although it make express in vocation. Your purpose is YOU, it comes through you in every moment. When you align with yourself and all of your inner aspects, you align with your purpose.


We live lives within lives. You have a life as a baby, a child, an adolescent, mother, father, sibling, sports, vocations, or anything that cycles and ends. Every “life” we live and walk through is a part of a larger cycle and sometimes those cycles do not get the closure, celebration or threshold crossing experience needed to close the “link” for between those cycles. In Death ceremony camp, you get to experience your death and have it witnessed and held by 4 others as well as myself, through the Peruvian Death Ceremony taught to me by my paquos and teachers in Peru. This ceremony clears the severed or open links to unleash your life force energy. It solidifies the links between all of your cycles and clears away the old paradigms associated with behaviors and beliefs that no longer serve you. The approach work for this ceremony is just as vital as the and necessary as the ceremony itself. This is a weekend experience.

Mon – Fri: 7am – 10pm
​​Saturday: 8am – 10pm
​Sunday: 8am – 11pm

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