A step into curated and rich deep dives, inner archetypal work, shadow work, shamanic and ceremonial work, energetic alignment practices, methods in manifestation, ritual and practical magic.


Dive deep into a journey of the imagination, through guided ceremony and ritual practice, we will access the archetypes hidden in the shadows of your psyche. We will invite them into relationship, into ritual and into expression and somatic practices that integrate them as allies into our lives.


I AM. Those words are extremely powerful.

When those two words are misplaced or unattached to the intention for your highest good, it can wreck havoc on your internal dialogue and diminish your ability to navigate your way through life. Aligned with Purpose will support you in reclaiming those words and aligning them with your souls truest purpose. Your purpose is not your vocation, although it make express in vocation. Your purpose is YOU, it comes through you in every moment. When you align with yourself and all of your inner aspects, you align with your purpose.


The one whose wild is woven into every fiber of their breath, whose belly aches for change and liberation, whose love feels contained and restrained, whose magic has been in slumber an is now stirring in the depths.

To all dragons, phoenixes, varies, enchanters, queens, goddesses, priestesses, star seeds, and to ALL with unawakened dreams. You who have longed to feel whole, complete, and sovereign. You heart breaks for the world and wants to affect change and don't know where to start, but know that you have a role to play. You, who craves to be surrounded by community in magic and power, a coven of soulful summoners for the good of all, calibrating to the quantum, manifesting vessels of peace, power and pleasure. The time is now to expand, awaken, reclaim, conjure and protect.

Calling all witches and wonders from the womb of nothing, all growling, primal, sexual, untamed and orgasmic LOVE to express with freedom and abandon, with deepest integrity and compassion, with boundaries and impact.

You know this voice. You've waited for the call. And now it is time.

To the ones hidden behind the human form, who embody the vessels of change... from all galaxies, timelines, dimensions and doorways... you know who you are. You are needed. NOW. To create the new world in this realm. The enchantress... is calling. The resurrection of the Goddess is here and you are commissioned with your part. We receive you in power. Find us.
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