This phrase means that we choose to walk through discomfort, vulnerability and the triggers that arise when we call on ourselves to transform. We stay with ourselves and anything that arises in the healing process, we are preparing and practicing, staying conscious and aware of behaviors and patterns that divert us from the path of our best and highest self.

The realm of the shadow remains a mystery for many, it it the place where we hide aspects of the self and the archetypes that haven’t been tapped into, places we deny, repress, suppress, fear, judge or try to keep at bay get nestled away so that we don’t have to face them. Shadow is the places we can’t see or the places we see as unflattering. Old familial lineages that epigenetically stream from out unconscious into the patterns that do not serve us. By choosing into shadow work, you choose into accessing your agency and sovereignty over what previously had control over you.

This varies per need and per person. The journey is as unique as your thumbprint and as deep as you allow yourself to create intimacy with all of the parts that reside inside of you.
I do have a minimum commitment of 3 months.

Your commitment to yourself is reflected in your resistance and/or your surrender to the work and the process. So it is very important that you choose your investments wisely. I say to every client, “You have to find the place where your time, your money and your willingness to show up for yourself to do the work all meet and feel in balance.” Then you can choose into the timeline and investment that causes enough discomfort to stretch your window of tolerance and enough safety to allow for yourself to be held in the process of breaking open. Those are both crucial. One without the other can cause harm. So on the program pricing, please look within and decide where that delicate and transformational place coexists. I choose to offer ala carte sessions once people have graduated from the 3 or 6 month program. Each person will be assessed after the completion of the program they choose to co-decide the best path forward. Accessibility and challenge are both beautiful places to get work out of and I commit to creating spaces that allow that financially.

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