I am a high level Mentor in the ARTS of Ritual Healing, a coach in Luminous Love + Leadership, and a healer of healers.


An invitation into the mystery of self, into the depths of leaning into the remarkable capacity to be with all of you with one on one support. To build relationship with every aspect of yourself that delights and terrifies you. Those parts you’ve kept hidden out of pain, shame, fear or guilt. The parts that feel like too much or not enough so they keep themselves at arms distance. An invitation into depth, reflection and curiosity. Gracefully showering new life force into the wounded areas to be cleansed, released, reborn and rebuilt. Transformative alignment with your somatic expression, deep soul-awakening practices with the safety of being held through the process. Shamanic and ritualistic death into rebirth, aliveness and wholeness. Disciplined discernment and energetic healing.


An invitation into community with communal exploration and virtual ceremonial circles and groups. Medicine practices that engage with the collective and with Spirit. A shared, interactive platform that is accessible with multiple access points to engage with the synergistic education that can only come from coming together. We gather, listen, dismantle, process and transform through story and sharing. We call forth the voices that have been silenced and we open dialogue to create space for each other change and have grace as we are in process.


An invitation into the work. The practices, rituals, retreats and immersions required to revitalize and clear the nervous, somatic and spiritual systems. Devotion and discipline to the process as it unfolds, to the aspects of self that arise\ coupled with radical self-love. You are a sovereign vessel, a conduit of all the magic you need, learn to claim that self-authority and power. To call in and command your life force energy and embody and manifest the one who is waiting to emerge from the depths. These deep dives are for the ones committed to transform through immersion.

“Everybody wants the magic, but nobody wants the Mystery, the schooling: a thing that must be lived in a place where book knowledge has no meaning, for all books are manuals to the world you already know. That means, the well-honed intellect — the masculine theory of reason — will not save you, cannot free you. It is for a world whose time is over.


The Mystery, by its very nature, must show you what has never been seen, never been written, never been known, because before you were forged, it was impossible. The arts of women have been called the dark arts for too long, and they are the keys to infinity. Infinite form. Infinite being. Infinite life.” 

Elephant Journal

T H E   P R O C E S S

body (somatic expression and embodiment) + mind (mental and emotional wellness) + spirit (energetic and spiritual alignment) + science (understanding how to access your own truth through experimentation) + ritual (how to put into practice new truths and integration work)


Welcome. I invite you into relationship, with yourself, with me and with our community.

I understand how profound the pain in transformation can be and I also understand how much more resilient we can be when we feel safe and supported. I understand trauma and its responses in the body. I understand how to walk through the fire of it and continue to do so over and over as I am called to and I am here as your guide into the depths.

I began trusting that calling within me to awaken the shadow, the magic, the dragon, and all the archetypes buried in us that access the power lying dormant. As we practice trust and surrender to the path of the healer within, I promise what will emerge is someone you recognize, but who is reborn. I continuously dive deeply into my own inner world through awareness, clearing, dismantling, death and rebuilding myself and healing my ancestral, spiritual, epigenetic, psychological and physical traumas. I will help you dive in and I will help you find your way back out. Come with me.

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